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Meet Your Strategic Partner in Marketplace

With experience leading e-commerce strategy for brands across a variety of online marketplaces, Marketplace Strategy helps our clients grow their business and enhance their presence.

  • Our specialized experts customize programs for brands based on their unique position goals and budget.

  • Their expertise translates to marketplaces beyond Amazon allowing clients to explore their options without limitations.

What makes us stand out?

We are one of the first marketplace agencies in Poland!


We have over 1000 audits of sales accounts on our account, and the counter is constantly beating! We undertook the verification of hundreds of business models and sales strategies, establishing cooperation with the best specialists in the e-commerce industry in Europe and in the world. Our know-how is growing day by day. We handle transactions whose total value exceeds PLN 100 million per year.


Over 200 sales accounts have been set up and configured from scratch by ourselves. Together with our partners, we went through the entire process of creation, verification and configuration, in accordance with the legislation in force in our country regarding various forms of business activities. Our knowledge is constantly growing, and it is used by Polish and foreign companies in the field of IT, finance, marketing and logistics.


Commitment and community

Activating the sales community is one of the pillars of our business. We are the initiators of the Polish sellers community on international platforms and we are strongly committed to its development, discussions and support. After all, we all play to one goal.

We are frequent guests at industry conferences, where we not only conduct lectures, but also willingly take part in networking and informal meetings.


We are one of the first agencies specializing in selling on Amazon, eBay, Real, Cdiscount and Aliexpress. For many years, we have been successfully training, advising and developing businesses on international sales platforms.


We will train you and your team. 100% of practical knowledge collected over the years. We will help you develop your business.


We comprehensively support sales on platforms. We support sales on major portals in 5 languages.

Account security
Account security

We will protect your account against competition and ensure a secure connection.


Take your business to a new level and save time and money with BaseLinker - the comprehensive order manager.


Based on our experience, we will indicate both the weaknesses and strengths of your activities on marketplaces.


Over the years of practice, we have developed the best and cheapest shipping methods to EU countries.


Accounts established


Satisfied customers


Trained people


Unlocked accounts


Check how other customers rate employees from the Selium group.

Margaret Starska

I recommend! When you optimize your eBay account, you see increased sales fairly quickly. Thank you for your help!

Anna Płuska

I recommend training on ebay and amazon sales at Mateusz to everyone who is just planning to start selling, as well as to those who want to learn. First of all, it is an amazing dose of knowledge that cannot be read on the Internet, practical exercises and all this in a great atmosphere. I recommend!

Adrian Pakulski

Express help, even after completing the training! The company is definitely worth recommending!

Marek Zieba

Each new platform is a challenge. I recommend eBay implementation training, everything is clear and concrete, thanks to which we saved a lot of time in the company.

Michał Makowiecki

Professionalism, quick solution. Cool approach - above all to the point.

Companies we work with.